Welcome! Take a Ride With Me, No Fare Required


Like any sensible, money-conscious individual, I decided that I wanted to do a complete 180 and redesign my dorm room for my sophomore year. Naturally, after making up my mind, I, with my mom in tow, headed to Marshall’s. Because I’m basically a child turned loose in any store’s home decor department, Mom was sticking nearby with the cart, albeit a few steps ahead of me. As I was walking up the center aisle in an attempt to catch up with her, I caught a flash of yellow in my periphery. When I turned back to check, I saw a rustic metal taxicab sitting by itself on the shelf. I thought about it, turned away, and made it a measly two steps before I caved and snatched the item up. When I made it to my mom, all I said was, “I think I have to have this,” and it found its way into the cart. And now I’m designing my entire room around it.

A blog makeover is similar to a room redesign. You sit in front of your computer, staring blankly at the bright screen of your computer or tablet (or both, if you’re like me and you’re really bad at sitting in one place for too long). Colors and words and fonts are bouncing around in your head, trying to pair together in perfect harmony for the final product. It took me days of thesaurus searching and list making to come up with a short list of very blah titles. They weren’t awful, but none of them sat right with me (and, if you remember, the whole point of the redesign was to make my blog more authentic and true to me). That is, until I remembered my little taxi. I called my parents, who are my gurus for everything from creative brainstorming to how to switch out printer ink cartridges, to my room and ran the title by them. When the name was finalized, I got to work on the logo, consulting two of my good friends, Carli and Denise, for design advice. After lots of back and forth in terms of creative direction, I settled on what is now featured (which I will say is open to change, though small modifications will likely be made if at all).

What does Little Yellow Taxicab mean? I’m so glad you asked. There’s a full explanation on my About page (so you can access it at all times instead of having to search through archives), but I’ll give you a run-down. I, like so many millennials, don’t know for sure where I’m going in life or where I’ll end up. A taxicab is similar in that when you hail a cab and hop in, you’re never 100 percent sure what you’ll get. Will you get a backseat that smells like beef burritos (gag)? Will you get a super friendly driver who jumps right into telling you about the ins and outs of the city? Life is a lot like this taxicab, and I, for one, don’t always know what to make of it. In an effort to work through the confusion and discomfort that uncertainty inevitably brings, I’ll be writing here. I’ll talk about anything and everything that piques my interest (and will hopefully pique yours), including, but definitely not limited to: self-help, organization tips, and college experiences and helpful hints. I hope that what I write about resonates with you just as much as it does with me.

So with that said, I’m beyond excited to share with you the new and improved Little Yellow Taxicab!

What’s new?

  • A more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing layout – desktop, tablet, and mobile modes are all equally beautiful with this theme
  • A more simplistic and fun logo
  • A completely revamped About page – you’ll be able to read about me and my purpose for Little Yellow Taxicab
  • Social media icons – connect with me on Facebook (through my brand new page!), Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest by clicking on the icons!

social-media-stripI’d like to thank Carli and Denise for taking the time out of their days to help me with the design elements. I’d also like to thank you for bearing with me while I took on this task to reconstruct the blog so that it’s better for you and for me. I plan to continue on this path of open reinvention so that should changes need to be made, I’ll be able to make them in good conscience (and with notice to you, of course).

Don’t forget to follow me so you’ll receive notifications of new posts. You’ll want to join me next Monday (June 29th) for a brutally honest love letter to my freshman year of college.

So hop in my little yellow taxicab and take a ride with me. We may be unsure of our destination, but with a map, an open heart, and an open mind, we can navigate our way together.

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