The Chopping Board: Strawberry Summer Salad

I eat in such awfully small portions that trying to find small, light, and filling recipes has become an Olympic sport. It has to have a little bit of protein, a little bit of veggies, a little bit of (good) fats, and a few other tasty ingredients that double as health and wellness boosters.

I had some leftover kale from my breakfast smoothies and two cartons of strawberries I had to use up before they spoiled, so I created this concoction (because, if we’re being honest, most of my cooked meals are just experiments to see what feels right for me).


Because I just chopped up and threw all of this into a mixing bowl without thinking, I don’t have exact measurements. I should probably really work on that, but I can provide a list of ingredients for now:

Chopped (and massaged–more on that below!) kale

Sliced strawberries


Pomegranate seeds

Sliced dragonfruit

Roughly chopped walnuts

A dressing of your choice – I mixed one up using EVOO, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, cracked pepper, and sugar to taste, but a raspberry vinaigrette would be perfect for this salad

If you read that list, I know you’re asking yourself, “What’s the deal with the massaged kale?” It’s a handy little tip I learned from this video, and it changed. My. Life. Kale has never been my favorite green because of its texture and bitter, peppery taste, but if you massage it, the leaves soften and a little sweetness emerges, making it so much more palatable.

I made this for dinner one night, had a decent sized bowl of it, and was full for the rest of the night, which almost never happens to me. It was light enough for me to finish the whole thing without feeling weighed down, but filling enough to keep me satisfied for hours. It’s perfect for entertaining if your guests are into kale (or if you’re comfortable sneaking it onto their plates without telling them that the “lettuce” is kale), or for a night in for yourself that you don’t want to spend with Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese (even though I wouldn’t blame you if you indulged).

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