Pretty As a Picture: J Rosa Photography

You would not believe the weekend I had. Let’s just say there was a ridiculous mix-up with my dorm storage unit delivery that caused me to have an impromptu sleepover up by my school. I finally got home late Monday night, so this post was actually written on Tuesday. Back to a normal schedule next week, I promise!


As a general rule, I’m like a well-to-do museum: I don’t allow photographs. When I go on vacations, I don’t let people take pictures of me. I carefully craft my selfies so that the light and the camera hit me at the perfect angle. And I don’t do candids. Like ever.  Ironic, considering that I studied photography for two years in high school.

So it was a big leap for me when I said yes to my friend, Jennifer, who asked me to do a rebranding photo shoot.

I hadn’t seen Jenn since high school graduation, so it was so great to catch up with her. We talked about college, my internship, her new real estate license, and how she’s rebranding her photography business. As her “About Me” page says, she’s developing her photographic style. Her portfolio ranges from portraiture, maternity and baby photos, events, and still life shots—and it’s still growing. You can view it here.

What’s great about her process is that she has a portable studio, which means that, for an added fee, you can have your photo shoot come to you! And, if you’re not quite comfortable with that, she offers sessions in her home or, without the studio equipment, sessions at a location of your choice, like a park, the beach, or a wedding. I packed up my clothes, shoes, and makeup and made my way over to her (beautiful) house.

My session was a few hours long and saw me changing into three dresses. I applied a full face of makeup (because I can barely leave the house without it, much less allow photos to be taken of me with a bare face), got all dolled up, and awkwardly (on my part) posed in front of two lights, a black background, a camera, and a very patient Jenn. She helped position me to get the best pictures, and even managed to get a few shots of me fully smiling.


I never smile with teeth, but she caught me laughing, probably about how I couldn’t hold a pose without almost toppling into one of the lights—a very me thing to do.

I love that these photos look like how I see myself when I look in the mirror, and they’re just too cute to not have somewhere on this blog, so I’ll probably add them to my “About” page, too.

She also got some more glamorous shots, like this one:

IMG_3094 (1)Fun fact: I’m wearing a dress that’s probably ten or eleven years old that I used to pretend to win those Oscars in. It’s still too long.

And even though I’m painfully uncomfortable with having pictures taken of me, it was still really fun to be on the other end of the lens. It also helped that I had someone I trusted to Photoshop any imperfections. (Let’s have a moment of silence for the wonder and blessing that is Adobe Photoshop.)

For price and packaging information, or if you’re interested in working with Jennifer, go ahead and send her an email or contact her through Facebook!

I so appreciate the patience with this week’s post. I debated whether or not to post about what happened, but I doubt anyone wants to read my rant about storage unit mix-ups and having what’s basically an overnight essentials kit in my everyday purse. (Seriously, I had a brand new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Who has that in their purse?)

Tell me in the comments below: what’s the weirdest thing in your purse that would keep you sane during an impromptu sleepover?

See you right back here next Monday morning!

This post is not affiliated with or sponsored by J Rosa Photography, Jennifer Rosa Photography, or Jennifer Rosa. It is not a paid advertisement or endorsement.

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