Brittany Wallace

I knew how to manage a classroom, teach a group of mismatched and misfit toys, and give an on-point Oscars acceptance speech before I entered third grade. My childhood consisted of imagination-fueled playtime, whether I was an award-winning actress or a professional teacher of whatever grade I was in at the time. I grew up in South Florida, where the only forms of vegetation around that matter are palm and mango trees, in a loving home with my parents and two dogs. I now study Creative Writing at a wonderful honors college, where I’m surrounded by (you guessed it) more palm trees (bonus: the beach is seven minutes away!) and even more amazing people.

Some Things I Believe to be True

  • Energy, both positive and negative, matters – and so does what you do with it.
  • The expression of gratitude is one of the most valuable actions one can take. (#thanksuniverse)
  • And, of course, a girl can never have too many shades of red lipstick.

Meaning Behind Little Yellow Taxicab

When I decided to redecorate my entire room for my sophomore year of college, I knew I wanted to incorporate the color yellow. One day, early in the decorating process, I was shopping in Marshall’s and stumbled upon this little yellow taxi piece. I fell in love with it and convinced my mom to buy it for me. (To this day, she says it’s the best $25 she’s ever spent).

about-taxiMy taxicab isn’t just a cute decoration, though. It’s a metaphor (an extended one, if we’re getting technical here) for life. Just as a taxicab does, life keeps moving, regardless of who gets in or who gets out at its stops. It offers surprises at every corner, and sometimes gets ugly (just like the interiors of some cabs). Life, like a taxi, heads straight on some roads, takes bends on others (often sharp, unexpected bends that knock the wind right out of you). In the same vein, though, taxicabs bring people to their destinies, toward new friends, places, experiences. Taxis offers a sense of safety from the outside world, streets and people alike rushing by you as you sit in the silence of the cab. Life can also be like this, and there can be spaces of safety that act as vehicles for growth.

My Little Yellow Taxicab represents my journey through life so that I may understand it as much as the small scope of humanity allows, and so that I may view it through a lens of compassion and hope. What does your Little Yellow Taxicab mean to you?


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Julia Kasper says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed with your blog. I feel privileged to have known you way back when….. I love your writing. Congrats on your blog! Julia Kasper
    P.S. I can’t wait to massage my Kale now!!! I hope it helps my salads too!


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