Putting in My Two Weeks (of Classes)

Here’s a recipe for an overachieving college student:

  • 7 classes
  • 1 job
  • 1 volunteer job
  • 1 internship (that feels more like a break than a job because I love it)
  • 1 social life (at a school that hosts a million and one campus activities)
  • 1 unreleased manuscript to review

You can arrange those ingredients in whichever order you choose; they’ll all add up to being a really big cake that probably has some uncooked-batter spots in it.

My first two weeks of classes consisted of reading at least 200 pages total (and that’s being generous), writing a short story with only monosyllabic words (which is the hardest thing to write ever), performing my first-ever science lab, painting my nails a few times because I can’t stand chipping, singing and cooking with one of my roommates, having a deep conversation with one of my favorite people (and making kale chips with said person), and discovering I really like a cookie made by my dining hall (shout out to the cranberry-oat cookie!).

I also stressed a lot and had fluctuating levels of consuming every food that was in sight or forcing myself to eat because I didn’t want to. I had points where I ate things that weren’t great for my body. (I mean, I ate chicken nuggets for brunch yesterday. It’s totally the best idea to start your day with fried foods.) And I hate points where I ate really healthy (thanks to my roommate, who might actually be my culinary savior).

Oh, and there was Grey’s Anatomy. Boy, was there Grey’s Anatomy.

Considering I don’t remember the first two weeks of my freshman year very well, likely due to my brain just blocking it out, I can’t really compare this year to last. I can say, though, that I’ve taken on a lot more than I had in the Fall of 2014. I’m definitely going to be busier, and there may be a few late posts here and there because I’ve stayed up until two in the morning to finish a paper or because I’ve stayed out all night to set up, attend, and break down an event. But if there are late posts, it probably means I’m having a good time, and that’s good.

And when I say “probably,” I mean there could be little mental breaks of, “Oh god, so many things are happening at once. Send out the SOS.” But no matter. I’ll deal with those as they come.

See you back here next Monday!

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