A Creative Shift

I have to be honest. I began this blog intending to write about leadership and how it’s affected me personally. Since then, my vision for it has changed, and I don’t feel that The Leadership Lady suits me or all of my content anymore.

The most important thing to me is authenticity, and if I were to keep the current name, I’d feel like I was not being 100 percent honest with myself or my readers. So, in an effort to create space for myself to be and feel real, I’m going to take this week to undergo a creative shift.

You may see the blog’s design change and you may see some new content categories. The Leadership Lady will no longer be my title or URL, so you’ll notice the difference in that as well. (As you can already see, the URL and site title are now Little Yellow Taxicab. The explanation and full unveiling will come soon!) Be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates about new blog posts and about the URL change. Once this week is over, I will look into creating a Facebook page and an email address to which you will be able to send questions and comments so that it’s easier for us to stay connected.

However, there is no need to worry, especially after  I take this week to make these much-needed alterations. I’ll still be posting every Monday, and I hope you’ll join me next week for the full explanation of the new title. The week after that (Monday, June 29), I have a completely honest and open-hearted letter to my freshman year of college to share with you.

I do look forward to this creative shift, but what I look forward to most is unveiling the final product to you.

I’ll see you next week, same time, (mostly) same place.

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